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Let's see what our customers say about how the Symbionat Health Solutions helped them.

In the past I used to say:
I can’t ‘see’ my health, how do I know where to start?
How do I know if my health has improved?

Through their program, I underwent a non-invasive health check. It only took 2 minutes to see the whole picture of my body state. In the past, I just felt a little tired and uncomfortable. This time, I clearly saw inflammation in my liver and the state of my intestinal flora which also appears alarming. I could have straight away a good visual of my health status and data. I have done 3 times of health diagnosis within a year to track my health improvement and to identify in advance potential health risks. Surprisingly, I lost fat after adjusting my microbiota. I recommended to my friends who are busy at work because I believe in this technology.

Brian, 41 years old, patient with arterial hypertension, diabetes II, high cholesterol and eczema –

"Such Self-Discipline is so easy."

I have been suffering from eczema for 20 years. I have been recently diagnosed with diabetes II, high level of cholesterol and arterial hypertension. Following the health check results, the doctor recommended me to keep taking the medicine. I love food. Self-discipline is hard work. Moreover, I don’t think that could guarantee any good health. I don't want to embarrass myself.

I started with their detoxification treatment then followed their Micronutrition diet plan and took recommended healthy meals. Their non-invasive diagnosis monitors my various health indicators. After 4 months, my health indicators improved overall. I found that such ‘self-discipline’ is very feasible with Symbionat’s health program.

Mr. Cheung, 77 years old patient with diabetes II and cardiovascular disease –

"Everyone can improve their own quality of life."

I have been plagued with chronic diseases: arthritis with fibrosis, back pain, difficulty at walking, metabolic syndrome with cholesterolemia, high blood pressure and prediabetes, asthma and extreme fatigue. I had the impression as if I already lost the battle facing my illnesses.

I have always been aware that I have chronic pain, arthritis, high blood pressure and asthma. Following my health diagnosis, I realized that my health problems and potential risks were far greater than I imagined. Everything in our body is indeed interconnected. I underwent a non-invasive detection and started using their microcirculation therapy. In just one course of treatment, I could see that various health indicators have significantly improved. I am living proof that everyone can improve their quality of life.

To maintain your health, ‘Symbionat Health Program’ combines the following:


Know-How in Micronutrition and Natural therapy

Big data and artificial intelligence

Symbionat Health Program, combining concepts, methods and technologies such as Micronutrition, Natural therapy, exercise therapy, neurotherapy, space technology, etc., utilizing Nature and Science, Big data and Intelligence, accompanies you to maintain good health in your lifetime.

We believe that we cannot just treat symptoms, but we need to tackle to the root of the problems. In this way, Symbionat Health Program can treat your deep health issues.

The Symbionat Approach

Our advantages:

Scientifically proven Non-Invasive Health Inspection from Europe

Comprehensive & visualizable data, and systematic Diagnosis

High-grade Natural Health Products recognized by the European medical system

Advanced non-invasive equipment for microcirculation, detoxification, breathing and other therapy

A Unique
Business Career for You

We would like to invite you to benefit from our entire support set of healthcare concepts, equipment and systems.

We have great interest in providing to any professional knowledge and practical learning in health science. We would like to invite you to not only attend to our ongoing professional training courses but also to benefit from our entire support set of healthcare concepts, equipment and systems. You will be able to apply what you have learnt even during your ongoing learning program.

Once you have completed your studies, you will be able to start your career in Micronutrition with our help. This could be your lifelong career! With our ongoing courses, you will benefit from our continuous learning program and from our advanced professional development support.

Your career steps will be as follow:

Participate in our professional training courses

Join a like-minded group of students, participate in our rental plan and start your own business

Participate in our Health Center Affiliate program

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