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As expert in Micronutrition in Switzerland, we are the pioneer in bringing our knowledge in Micronutrition to Asia since 2018.

Our company Symbionat is co-founded by Samuel Kung Ph.D, an active member of the world's top micronutrition expert organizations such as Siin Institute of Science, European Institute of Dietetics and Micronutrition IEDM and the Swiss Society of Micronutrition (SSM SGM), which is leading our research and scientific development.​

A good nutrition has always been key for any human being to maintain good health conditions. With the in-depth scientific research on cells, genetics, genome and on the microbiome, we are convinced that micronutrition is the key to unlock our health potential as nature intended.​

We provide a dedicated platform of optimal health solutions, specialized in Micronutrition and empowered by technology.

European Non-invasive Health Diagnosis

Originally designed for the space technology, we have applied a 20-year scientific research and knowledge in Micronutrition. Non-invasive health diagnosis is one of our major focus. The equipment is internationally certified such as CE Medical and ISO.

Symbionat IntraCell - Comprehensive health diagnosisC

The device is integrated with hand and foot sensors. It just needs about 2 minutes to safely scan the overall health status of the whole body without intrusion or radiation but with accuracy and efficiency.

With the non-invasive body scan, our cutting-edge technology can provide real-time personal and comprehensive health indicators. Our APP can customize healthy living suggestions for you according to your indicators.

Functions of IntraCell

Measurement time: 2-3 minutes

Symbionat IntraCell Pro - Cutting-edge Micronutrition Pro Grade health diagnosis

The device is integrated with hand and foot sensors. It just needs about 2 minutes to safely scan the overall health status of the whole body without intrusion or radiation but with accuracy and efficiency. IntraCell Pro needs to be operated by our licensed micronutritionist.

Use our advanced functional status assessment technology for a body scan. This enables to create a fully customized treatment and health programs, monitor the patient's health status and dynamic improvement, send reports and encourage patients to improve their physiological parameters.

Functions of IntraCell Pro

Measurement time: 2-3 minutes

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Symbionat - Micronutritio‪n‬

European Non-invasive Therapies integrated with cutting-edge technologies

Cutting-edge non-invasive therapy is also our major area for development when providing health solutions.

Full body detoxification - Swiss Technology

Our device for an ionic body detox is a Swiss technology. It is based on the electrolytic technology which effectively neutralizes toxins that accumulate in the whole body. All these impurities are excreted through the pores of our feet. Unlike ordinary foot baths, our device has obtained a European medical grade certificate. This technology can make the discharged toxins visible, which is convenient for the staff in healthcare and for patients to track the detoxification effect.

Toxins from the body are everywhere: organs, glands, lymphatics, arteries, nerves, muscles, connective tissues and joints. Toxic elements are for instance: heavy metals, uric acid, lactic acid. Since these impurities are disseminated throughout the body, ordinary detoxification methods cannot so efficiently capture all the toxins. The detoxification process is often incomplete.

By generating a large amount of negative ions which attract toxic elements, our swiss electrolysis technology intensively detoxifies our body. It purifies our cardiovascular system, lymphatic system, our digestive system (intestines), also our cell membranes and all our internal organs such as the liver and gallbladder, pancreas, spleen, stomach and the bladder.

We recommend 10 sessions for a standard detox treatment. Each 30-minute detox foot bath can eliminate toxins accumulated along the years in the body. After the treatment, we feel refreshed. Our body becomes lighter and full of vitality!

This treatment is not recommended for pregnant women, breastfeeding, patients with a pacemaker, with heart diseases, under chemotherapy, anyone that has fever, done any organ transplant or prone to seizures (eg: Epilepsy)

Active Blood Flow for Optimal Health, Anti-aging and Beauty - French Innovation

This technology is 100% natural, non-invasive, without any risk or side effects. Through a high-end compression technology and a low-intensity heart synchronization stimulation combined with real-time heart rate, our device stimulates in our body the production of nitric oxide (NO). This natural gas NO increases vasodilation, activates microcirculation, improves oxygenation of the tissues, exchanges at the cellular level, increases cognitive abilities and improves sleep quality. It also helps to activate cell regeneration from the inside, thus providing the best preparation for the skin and the adipose tissue.




This treatment is not recommended for pregnant women, with phlebitis, fractures and open wounds, recent burns in the legs, recent heavy surgery, disease under treatment phase (cancer, cirrhosis…)

Binaural Sound Therapy for mental health – Swiss technology

Our binaural sound therapy combines Art and Neurosciences for mental performance and recovery by listening to binaural and isochronous sound. Our headset uses Binaural sound. Binaural sounds are a technique that allows you to broadcast the same tone at two different frequencies. The brain will compensate for this difference by tracing the brain waves. Isochronous sounds stimulate the right and left hemisphere. There is a cardiac coherence because we also have neurons in our heart, as many neurons as a small cortex. If our heart rate is in sync with our brain rate, we can say that we are "aligned" which helps in physical and mental recovery and balance. If we are out of sync, conditions such as panic or anxiety can arise for no apparent reason.

Our headset comes with the Serenity program for managing various stress level. It helps to achieve a theta brain wave which is the brain frequency equivalent to a state of deep meditation. Other physiotherapy modes can be conducted in our health centres combined with unique visual tools.​

The various modes include:

Breath for Health – French Technology

Our ability to use oxygen from the air decreases due to many factors such as pollution, living conditions, stress, aging, diseases... If our cells are lacking in oxygen, it is our ability to use it that is at fault. This could cause in the long run various health and stress disorders. A good cell oxygenation can trigger a self-regeneration process.

A unique method for optimized cellular oxygenation

We have a device intended to fight against the state of hypoxia, that is to say the lack of oxygen in the cells. It is an elaborate device that transforms the volatile parts of a pine resin extract into oxygen carriers, to facilitate its assimilation in the body.

An oxygenating but non-oxidizing method

It is the only natural oxygenation method capable of providing the cell with the oxygen it needs, without hyper oxidation and without any free radical risk. It does not generate any oxidative stress. The objective is to encourage oxygen assimilation inside the body in order to maintain a balanced level of oxygenation. Therapy recommendation: 1 to 2 sessions per day for 1-3 minutes are enough to rebalance your oxygen levels.

In addition to this, it will help you in:

As a precautionary principle, patients who have spasmophilia, allergies, hyperthyroidism should not use this device. We also do not recommend patients who have allergic reactions to turpentine and who have epilepsies.

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Symbionat - Micronutritio‪n

Swiss dietary supplement and lifestyle adjustment program

Through our office in Switzerland, we would like to bring you the most adequate healthcare practices and know-how from Europe. This includes a wide variety of treatments that mainly activate our body for self-regeneration and health rebalancing.

Switzerland is renowned for preserving its traditional legacy while being at the forefront of technology. Indeed, we deliver the most well-known and efficient natural healthcare services that exist in the country. Below are the services and products we provide:

A range of Swiss-made products we exclusively offer.

Our diet supplements have been carefully selected based on their premium quality and origin of ingredients.

Customized Micronutrition and Neuronutrition programs

Programs will be offered based on your diagnosis

We intend to convey the importance of a simple, balanced and healthy lifestyle to assist you in all stages of life, to help your body naturally re-balance and strengthen itself as well as bring you an optimal quality of life.

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Symbionat - Micronutritio‪n

Micronutrition Professional Training and Continuous Learning

Our ancestors have gone through thousands of years of evolution from the harsh natural environment filled with natural predators and where food is scarce. Compared to nowadays, they tend to have more physical activities and to eat irregularly and only organic foods.

However, the speed of evolution of the human body functioning has not evolved as fast as the current modern lifestyle and environmental changes for the past decades. With such a dramatic change in our living conditions, we are facing with various health risks and modern diseases. Facing today's health challenges, more and more of us are realising that choosing the right nutrition can make a dramatic difference in our health and in our quality of life. For that, it is essential for us to continuously acquire some useful knowledge in Micronutrition.

Professional education changes the future

We have carefully prepared professional training courses to help students to start a meaningful career and/or to help them build a lifelong career that belongs to themselves and to benefits others. For more information, please see here .

Continuous learning benefits everyone

We provide free popular courses and lectures, as well as paid special learning. We continuously update our training content in our application APP.

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Symbionat - Micronutritio‪n


To be the pioneer and most influential professional organization of Micronutrition in Asia Pacific.


We are aware that we cannot change the world by ourselves. Therefore, we are committed in empowering the healthcare industry with technologies, assisting healthcare companies to grow together, and training healthcare professionals. We aim at taking scientific and effective health solutions to more people, through the industry.

Samuel Kung Ph.D and the
European Micronutrition Institutes

Samuel Kung Ph.D was born in France and grew up in Europe. Graduated from the Swiss Society of Micronutrition in Switzerland. The first Micronutritionist in Hong Kong, specialized in Micronutrition and traditional Swiss natural therapy.

Besides, Mr. Kung holds a doctorate degree in anthropometry and has unique insights into the adaptability of the human functions. Mr. Kung is also passionate about oriental martial arts and is black belt of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Switzerland. Jiu-Jitsu is indeed an efficient exercise for keeping the balance between the body and mind. Dr. Kung is the first expert to apply the essence of Jiu-Jitsu to Micronutrition.

Mr. Kung is a member of the following top Micronutrition authorities:

The Siin Institute

The institute is one of the world's top nutritional science research institute in Belgium which shares its knowledge and expertise in micronutrition to scientists in Europe and the world. Its specialized areas include intelligent nutrition and neuronutrition. Its Siin Academy gathers the top professionals in micronutrition industry.


The European micronutrition institute in France. Since 1990, hundreds of general practitioners and specialist doctors have collaborated with biologists, nutritionists and researchers to exchange their skills and knowledge in diet and in micronutrient supplementation. This is the origin of the entire micronutrition concept.


The Swiss Society of Micronutrition in Switzerland, has promoted micronutrition-related knowledge, skills, diagnosis and treatment techniques in Switzerland since 2013. It has enabled the training of a lot of experts in micronutrition in Europe.